Metal Gear Rising PS3 Rises onto Store Shelves in Japan

In typical fashion, those in the Land of the Rising Sun are being treated to a snazzy new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance-themed PS3 that is set to release alongside the game in February. The sleek bundle comes complete with a 250GB harddrive, special edition controller and a handful of exclusive downloads. According to rumors, specific stores will also be dishing out limited edition in-game swag in the form of armor skins. What’s most important here, however, is the fact that the console only clocks in at ¥31,960, which is roughly $390 for those of you not up on your yen-to-dollar conversion ratios.

Nevertheless, considering just how sexy the console is, and that the PS3 is region-free, less than $400 seems like a steal and a no-brainer to me. Needless to say, you can bet your bottom dollar this guy will be combing the interwebs in search of this bad boy in the coming weeks.