Dragon Quest X Gets HD’d in its First Wii U Trailer

If you’re anything like me, you dig JRPGs that force you to grind until you want to kill yourself. For whatever reason, I find comfort in entering a dungeon, knowing the only thing I’m going to do for the next hour is kill a bunch of shit in turn-based tradition. Call me crazy, but I like it – I like it a lot. Conversely, I have a sick affinity for MMOs as well, especially of the Japanese flavor. Thus you can probably imagine my excitement when Dragon Quest X was announced. After all, it’s a combination of the two most grindy types of game on the planet.

As the owner of a Wii U, I’ve waited with bated breath for any information regarding DQX on Nintendo’s new box, seeing as it was first released on the Wii back in August. Fortunately, the gods above have answered my prayers and bestowed upon us a new trailer today showcasing Dragon Quest’s digs on Wii U. Oh, and they’ve also revealed that the game will utilize cloud saves, you know, so you don’t have to use your precious Wii U harddrive space – all 3 gigs of it. Anyway, so without any further ado, feast your eyes on the video below.