Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight Coming to U.S.

Rhythm-based games are having quite the revival. While titles such as Guitar Hero still dominate the market, more action-packed entires into the genre have been appearing more frequently. Rayman Legends, for instance, has a rhythm mode where Barbara runs through the course to the tune of hardcore rock music — every enemy smacked or whacked adding to the experience.

Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight, developed by Game Freak, uses that same integration of background music with interactive environments and enemies as instruments. The world of Harmonia is attacked by evil monsters and it’s up to a young boy named Tempo to save the planet. The game is constantly moving with automatic scrolling. In each level you want to collect as many music notes as possible to gain a higher score and in turn a a better grade. You’ll be rewarded with faster paced levels and even a bonus Pokémon music themed level.

The cute artwork and clever musical features are sure to be a hit with any gamer. Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight is already available for download on Japan’s Nintendo eShop for 3DS devices and is expected to arrive in America within the first couple months of 2013.