Creative Assembly to Release a Total War(hammer) Game?

If you don’t know who Creative Assembly are, then, well shame on you because you should. In case you don’t, though, let me fill you in: they are the team behind Sega’s infamous Total War franchise. If you’ve been into PC gaming at all in the past decade, you’ve probably played one of their games. Of course, if you haven’t then stop reading this article and get on that because they’re excellent RTSs.

Nevertheless, Sega let loose today that they, and subsidiary Creative Assembly, have settled a multi-title licensing deal with Games Workshop, the folks responsible for the tabletop miniatures game, Warhammer. The deal is only to include the Warhammer Fantasy universe, not to be confused with THQs Warhammer 40,000 license, so no need to fret about if Relic will continue pumping out those fantastic 40k games.

While it wasn’t revealed if these titles will be part of the Total War series, it would be ludicrous to not marry the two. Total War has always been about large scale, tactical fights, which coincidentally enough is exactly what Warhammer Fantasy is all about, just in miniature form. Bringing these two together could give Creative Assembly a chance to step outside of their historical pieces and introduce the fantastical side of medieval warfare. My mind runs away with itself at the possibilities of combining swords, sorcery, tactics and enormous wars being fought across sprawling battlefields. Let’s make it happen, guys!