Original Duke Nukems Get Re-Release, Mac Debut

What better way to celebrate the Duke’s 21st birthday (he can finally drink!) than by playing the first two Duke Nukems? Duke Nukem 1 and 2 are now available from GOG for just $5.99 for the pair. While the series didn’t gain widespread popularity until it turned 3D in 1996, MS-DOS users certainly blasted their fair share of Techbots and aliens in the early ’90s.

This marks one of the first times the games have been available on modern PC operating systems and the debut of them on Mac. There’s something very cathartic about playing MS-DOS games on a $2000+ MacBook Pro.

While opinions may differ on how they hold up, seeing the graphics and main menu design may be worth the price of admission alone — that or experiencing The Duke before he became Rowdy Roddy Piper from They Live.

Duke Nukem
Every great hero has a humble beginning. Go back to the very roots of the King of Badassery, Duke Nukem. You’ve been called on a top secret mission to save the world from the brilliantly evil Dr. Proton and his Techbot army! Originally conceived as three seperate episodes, Duke Nukem will take you all the way through a demolished city, a secret moonbase, and, finally, the very future of Earth itself! Are you man enough to step into the butt-kicking boots of Duke Nukem?

Duke Nukem 2
After a triumphant return from the previous assignment, our main man Duke decides to write a book (“Why I’m So Great”) in his spare time and take some well-deserved time off. Our hero’s rest and book tour was not meant to last for too long, though. He got snatched by alien invaders right in the middle of a TV interview! The plan was as simple as it was devious: turn Duke into a zombie using the Encephalosucker and take over the world! Get out of the alien-infested jail and kick those slimy alien butts back to whence they came!