BioShock Infinite Graphical Options Listed

BioShock Infinite is looking to be a beautiful game. The sort of graphical-intense experience that many a PC gamer would have a five minute argument on why it must be played on PC (or a two second argument consisting of “Because PC is better”). With Irrational Games’ home computer origins, many had high hopes for what the PC version of the game would offer. Good news coming out today, as a list of what is adjustable in the settings menu was revealed:

  • Anti-aliasing
  • Texture detail
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Post-processing quality
  • Light shafts
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Object detail
  • V-sync
  • FOV (a slider, with no listed value)
  • UI margins
  • Toggleable highlighting of “searchable” or “important” objects

There is a lot of PC exclusive features in there that will have many a gamer salivating to get their hands on it. A standout may be the toggleable highlighting of objects, a standout setting in Far Cry 3.

Source: PC Gamer