Watch: Two New Digimon Adventure Trailers

A few months ago, we reported that a new Digimon game was in the works for the PSP. Dubbed Digimon Adventure, the game will be based off of all seasons of the anime, with a focus on the first.

After being teased for months with various screenshots, Namco Bandai released two new trailers yesterday that show off the game in motion. The first trailer features various gameplay, while the second is a highlight of battle sequences. For a PSP game, the graphics look strong. The trailers also detail various features in Japanese that could be of note. If you’re well-versed in the language, feel free to translate in the comment section below. If you aren’t, it may prove a hard title to import when released January 17th. Too bad it still probably has no chance of coming stateside, as it looks to contain a ton of nostagalic fun.