Angry Birds Flinging to the Big Screen

Surprise (or maybe not!): Rovio is planning a featured film adaptation of their bird-based phenomenon to be released in 2016. John Cohen, who’s most recent turns at producing were 2010’s Despicable Me and 2011’s Hop, has come aboard as producer. David Maisel, executive producer of Iron Man, will also have the same position here. So, combining two successful Hollywood producers with the biggest mobile game ever should result in quite an entertaining movie.

There are no known plans for the storyline, but you can likely count on eggs being stolen. Plus, it’s going to be in 3D! If all goes right, it could easily be a highlight of 3D technology. Who doesn’t want birds or bricks flying toward them? Maybe even a pig popping right in your face. Making the jump from little screens to big screens is slingshotting Angry Birds to an entirely new level.