Surviving Life In The Wild with Lara Croft

In case you missed Spike TV’s Video Game Awards last week, Tomb Raider had an nontraditional trailer where an orchestra performed on stage and a video played in the back. A nice touch, but for anyone who wants to watch the well edited trailer in all its glory, Square Enix has made it available to the masses. See the newly revamped Lara Croft survive incredible heights, crazy inhabitants and hazardous environments.

Brawl with enemies looking to kill you, shoot a couple arrows at the wildlife, and parachute down a cliff. It’s all good and fun for Lara Croft as she’s on a mission to save her friends and the crew of the recently destroyed ship. There are only three more months before Tomb Raider is rebooted, but until then, here is another trailer demonstrating some of the cinematic gameplay you can expect.