Snag Duke Nukem 3D For Free

Last week, we reported that GOG added the original two Duke Nukems to their service at the reasonable price of $5.99. Hopefully you’ve been playing them since then and are experiencing the awesome MS-DOS visuals and sounds shooting through your brain as you read this. Those ready to graduate to Duke’s most well-known outing in amazing 3D, however, can now do so absolutely free.

For a limited time, COG is offering Duke Nukem 3D for PC or Mac absolutely free. Better yet, it’s the Atomic Edition of the game which features Duke-Tag, the “Expander” weapon and more story. It’s free and it’s ’90s Duke Nukem; just go grab it.

If $5.99 was too steep, COG has also slashed the price of the original Nukems in half. Now you just need to run out of bubblegum and you’ll be all set.