Theatrhythm on its Way to iOS?

You read the headline correctly: Square Enix’s 3DS rhythm game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, is reportedly coming to iOS devices. The port was outed by the New Zealand iOS App Store today, and will be a free download. The game will feature a new mode, entitled “Quest Medley”, which will put you through a series of randomly generated songs, ensuring that your experience is different each time you play. There will also be new tracks and playable characters, a composition feature as well as the opportunity share your work with the masses via Twitter.

Despite being free to download, the initial game will include only two songs. From there on, you’ll have to purchase more in clusters, which will add up to be rather pricey, according to reports. The game is, of course, already available for 3DS and retails for thirty bones. Pick your poison, but just know that this game is addicting, and a measly two songs will hardly be enough to satiate your appetite. In other words, your endeavor will not be without cost.