Earth Defense Force 2025 Defends North America in 2013

Do you love blowing up giant bugs with rocket launchers? Do you enjoy leaving devastated cityscapes in your wake after a tense battle of machine gun fire and shrapnel? If you answered “yes” to either one of those questions – though if you’re anything but a cyborg you answered “yes” to both – then this news is for you! D3Publisher couldn’t keep quiet any longer about their announcement regarding the 2013 North American release of Earth Defense Force 2025 (Earth Defense Force 4 in Japan) for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

The low-budget, hilariously awesome, b-class shooter comes from developer Sandlot, the team most known for their PS2 game, “Simple 2000” (Yeah, don’t feel bad, I haven’t heard of it either). Earth Defense Force 2025 will be equipped with new enemies and weapons, large-scale multiplayer battles that support up to four players and “tons of missions”. If that isn’t enough to get you psyched, then you’re dead inside just think about the armada of insects you’ll slay with all kinds of wonderful toys and explosives.