Metro: Last Light Due in March, Pre-Orders Get Free Limited Edition Upgrade

THQ is doing whatever they can to give no reason to pass picking up Metro: Last Night. Whether it’s the series of live-action Survivor Story trailers or the constant stream of updates, it seems like there’s always a new piece of persuasion being released for the game. The latest is the announcement that THQ will be bumping all pre-orders (360, PS3 and PC) to limited edition at no charge — something the company recently experimented with Darksiders II.

The Metro: Last Light Limited Edition will include the deadly AKS-74U modified Russian rifle, Ranger load-out — which contains bonus military grade bullets (currency in the game) — and the fan-favorite “Ranger Mode”, making its return from Metro 2033.  In an effort to promote digital purchases, those who pre-order the game on PSN will receive a free digital copy of Homefront at launch and a Metro: Last Light theme at the time of pre-order.

The Limited Edition will be avaliable from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and shopTHQ. While shopTHQ is the only retailer to have it listed at the time of writing, other retailers will likely list the promotion in the next few days.

Check out an image of the limited edition cover art and content below: