Exclusive Giveaway: Under Defeat HD

If reading our review of the excellent Under Defeat HD didn’t make you buy it — shame on you. Lucky for you cheapskates out there, Hardcore Gamer is giving ten lucky readers a copy of the PSN game courtesy of Bender/Helper Impact and Rising Star Games.

To enter, simply comment below with the time you’ve been the most “under defeat” in a video game (i.e. getting killed ten times in a row in Hotline Miami; there are no right or wrong answers).

The contest is open to all HardcoreGamer.com members (membership is completely free, register in the sidebar). Ten winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received by 11:59pm Pacific Time Friday, December 21, 2012. Please enter only once — duplicate entries will be discarded. Prizes that are not claimed within seven days will be awarded to other entrants.

Contest Ended. Winners have been notified via e-mail.

  • ruins880

    Oh, first one to comment?

    My first PS3 title was Uncharted 3 and I remember the time that I was ‘under defeat’ so bad on that chapter with rugged ships and tons of enemies and you had to snuck in somehow.

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway~!

  • chapnis

    Thanks for the giveaway, mine would have to be the entire time playing Dark Souls! 😀

  • stryk187

    I was “under defeat” so much the very first time playing through Final Fantasy X on PS2. Particularly the fight against Seymour at Mt. Gagazet. I was so under-powered from not using the sphere grid correctly that it made that particular boss fight a REAL pain in the neck.

  • iknowlondon

    The one (of many) moments where I was under defeat had to be when I’d tried for DAYS to acquire the “YATTA” trophy from Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection which required beating Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. It definitely tested my patience but with a whole lotta luck I was able to finally beat it!

  • marcin205


  • Evilcheez86

    I’d have to say, trying to beat Dr. Robotnik in Mean Bean Machine haha

  • Zefer7

    I felt under defeat when I was going for the platinum in Demon’s Souls. I let my soul tendency become pure black before going for the Friendship Ring and it took me about 2 playthroughs of new game+ in order to hunt down and kill enough black phantoms to recieve it.

  • Admiralvic

    The time I was most “Under Defeat” was when I was going for the Lost Planet 2 platinum. I literally spent 7+ hours doing the same mission, which meant I did it over 400 times, just to get the world record time. Sadly, the time I ACTUALLY pulled it off, was purely an accident, since I held my trigger down too long. Got to love it when that happens, but sad that I did it via accident than being in the zone.

  • hestar

    Getting 1000/1000 in Dark Souls…Beating the 4 kings on new game plus was SUCH a pain in the ass!!!! finally I beat them and came my last achievement…getting one last blue titanite slab..I farmed for one for over 14hrs and not a single drop.I literally had to play a 3rd time with the bosses now ever stronger than new game + and walk an invisible cliff to get it…I love the game,but man,I felt so helpless as the stupid slab would not drop!!!

  • RHF

    Oh hey I’m still here?

    Hmmmmm….most under defeat. Most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced?

    That’s an easy one, Challenge 4 in Vanquish. The other ones prior weren’t tough to beat, but holy hell is that one just brutal, and the too the one unlocked after beating it is even a bigger pain. I seem to die most of the time in 2 specific areas.

    Wave 3 against the eye spider, because Sam develops an allergic reaction to cover, causing him to be grabbed by the enemy resulting in instant kill, or Wave 5 against the T-1000, AKA Crystal Viper. Trying to dodge him constantly while also attempting to kill the rocket enemies is incredibly difficult.

    No other challenge has given me such a need to throw my controller at the wall. Yet, I still love that game so much

  • RHF

    “And to think the”*

  • rann

    I die countless times in Ninja Gaiden!
    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • JOJO

    The only time i truly felt under defeat was on Street Fighter 4 and i realize i was never going to complete all the combo trials. They´re damn hard!
    It one of my oldest games that i still play and i´ll probably never be able to get 100% out of the game

  • Darklurkr23

    Call of Duty. World at War. Veteran. Biggest s.o.b. Platinum EVER XD

    Other then that, probably my 20+ lose streaks against my buddy the 1st time I played SF4. I was going to keep playing till I won! Literally 20 matches in a row lost XD.

    And thanks guys, seriously.

  • George Kot

    I was “under defeat” trying to Platinum VANQUISH for the PS3. The final trophy was to complete all the challenges, which meant completely challenge 6. Well, easier said than done… it took me almost 2 whole months and a broken controller to FINALLY pass that one measly challenge. Worst trophy…. EVER.

  • ransdom

    The most under defeat I’ve ever been is my first attempt at a Emerald Weapon run in FFVII. So many hours wasted with nothing good coming from it.

  • GaryYam

    nothing to say 😀

  • abadmotivator

    Trying to get through Death Mountain in Zelda II while using a keyboard. An untold amount of deaths and one half-broken keyboard later, I finally beat it. Then I exited the game and drove 50 miles to buy an NES copy at Gamestop. Piracy doesn’t pay, kids.

    If that doesn’t count, then I have to go with trying to beat The Adventures of Bayou Billy when I was a kid. That game can go straight to hell.

  • barrel

    Maybe Prinny: Can I really be the hero dlc level, Lil Asagi Comes, where both the time count (stops after like an hour and a half) and deathcount (999) stopped going higher. I remember I wasn’t able to play other PSP games that week because I didn’t want to lose checkpoint progress.

    Also, I wiped like countless times on the hardest boss of Star Ocean: Til the End of Time (Freya) on 4D mode (hardest difficulty) when trying to get all…erm, most of the ‘battle trophies’ (way before the Sony ones existed) for it. So much preparation required to even stand a chance on that boss even on normal, it’s not even funny.

  • ninfando

    The 1st super Mario game I died so many time. … .. Got much better on it now 😛

  • chrisboers

    Vanquish, this weekend. I lost count how often I died trying to beat the final twin bosses. SO much harder than the rest of the game… Got it in the end, though. Now have to do it all again on (god)hard…

  • commanderxp90

    Yesss! I’m in. I died many times in the Street Fighter 4 on the final boss with hard mode. :p

  • midtides

    Well, it’s not shmup related but I would say I’ve been the most “under defeat” in Sega Rally Revo. You can play it half a year day after day, but you never master it. There are games which are intended to beat you and Revo is definitely one of them.

  • Leon

    The most under defeat in recent memory was going through Cove Valley Village in The Boss Extreme mode from Metal Gear Solid 4. It took me about 100 tries to do it with out any alerts. I’m still working towards the Big Boss Emblem but I read online that part was one of the hardest in the game.

  • aznxchunky

    I fought the Capra Demon in Dark Souls over and over again for about 2 hours before I finally beat him. That area was just so small, and with the two dogs, it makes avoiding his slashes even more difficult.

  • bloodyvonneguts

    the one time i was most under defeat on my ps3 was definitely at the end of god of war 1 on god mode. the part where you have to fight like 10,000 kratos. i literally had to of tried that part over 100 times and just couldnt do it. no matter what many tactics i tried, they figured out my choreography and slayed me. to this day it remains the only god of war game i havent beaten in the highest difficulty, and it hurts.

  • delsus09

    It’s hard to say when I’ve been the most “under defeat” in a videogame…but one that comes off the top of my head would probably be the god damn squid boss in Dragon Quest VIII. Died so much because of him. I mean, if I trained more (grinded) then it may have been easier…but I think I did that & the bastard got stronger all the same (I think the bosses/enemies level up with you in some cases). Eventually killed him, but Yangus died, so I just powered my console off & went my seperate ways; trying to kill him 5-or-so times got a bit annoying. Still love that game (I need to finish it…sigh). I got further on my old PS3 Fat, but it got YLOD’d, so…yeah.

    Got the import version for fun since I found it cheap, & have been playing it on my ps2; still was great fun, & a good way to test my Japanese language skills. I can see why people may like it better, but the orchestrated soundtrack is just too good to pass up, so I still prefer the international version (US/EU, that is).

    Thanks for the cool giveaway, HCGamer crew! Crossing my fingers!

  • isatox

    Call of Duty: world at war, the second to last stage. Trying to destroy the 3 canons on veteran

  • bluevafe

    Definitely the last boss of Metal Gear Solid (playing on hard difficulty), i had to try a lot of times ^^
    Thanks for the contest!

  • sarisa

    The time I’ve been most “under defeat” in a game? Prooooooobably trying to play Hitman: Absolution on Professional difficulty past the tutorial bit *at all* before the disguise patch, which was…what’s the opposite of fun? OH RIGHT. Or maybe fighting Artorias in the Dark Souls DLC — Artorias made Gwyn look easy-peasy, and Gwyn was so hard I basically gave up on the game for a month! Add to that the fact that my character was like 10-15 levels lower than she should’ve been for the DLC areas ‘cos I put everything into maxing out my pyromancy flame, and….yeeeeeeah.

  • shadownetone

    The time I felt most under defeat was in a game of battlefield 3 I’m a veteran and damn good. At the time this happened to me my kill to death ratio was kills in the upper 20’s and 30’s deaths usually single digit. So I play a game one day and I went 0-19 the game ended me having 1-21 it was the worst game I ever had and the time I felt most under defeat. 🙁

  • Amnion

    When I ran out of E-Tanks during the final battle in Mega Man 9….had to leave the game on all night so I could perfect the refights + Wily battle with one life bar!

  • ijag233

    This could apply to any number of games from the NES era, but from this generation I had a hell of a time with that mile high achievement for COD4. Took me about 3 days to finally beat that 60 second level.

  • Crazycatz

    I’d have to say my first play-through of a Final Fantasy (VII) game.
    And thanks for holding the contest!

  • metalmegagio

    I felt “Under Defeat” when trying to complete Halo Reach on Legendary difficulty by myself.And it was brutal.

  • brandonheat

    The time I was “Under Defeat” was being one on four in killzone 2. thanks for the contest.

  • AbysmalEdge

    I’ve been the most “under defeat” when trying to clear classic mode on intense in Super Smash Bros. Brawl without continues. Tough stuff.

  • blackhalk123

    The worst I was getting my butt handed to me was playing halo 4 on a 1v1 and he kept getting the ordinances and owning me like no other the final score was like 600 to 120


  • beerrun

    just about any game i try mp in

  • JTL0005

    More people should follow their stream on twitch.tv late at night. It’s a good time 🙂

  • Razma

    Most under defeat in a game? Thats an easy one: Trying to 1CC Raiden IV. I still haven’t done it as that game is hard as nails. Easily one of the toughest Shmup 1CCs out there.

    Also, Under Defeat is amazing. Had a chance to play the DC version when it came out.

  • CatSlayerC

    Halo ODST, defiantly. I’ve never been good at FPS, and this one really got me.

  • Alyrian

    The game I’ve had the hardest time with, dying the most would be when I was playing Dark Souls. There is so many challenging points in the game, I died so many times that at points I thought about giving up but I never did. I beat the game, with only a mouse and keyboard NO CONTROLLER BROS!

  • RHF

    So, when should we expect the winners to be announced?