Save the Date: God of War Beta Testing on January 8

If you don’t have any plans January 8, 2013 now you will. God of War: Ascension is opening multiplayer beta testing for PlayStation Plus members. Those lucky enough to experience this sneak peek will enjoy quite an adventure. There are two modes included: Team Favor of the Gods mode and the new Favor of the Gods mode, where players fight to earn the required amount of points. This is done by killing or brutally killing opponents, opening chests, capturing domination points, and performing executions with the Spear of Olympus.

Since it’s multiplayer, there will be two sides to choose from during beta.Battling will take place in the Desert of Lost Souls, a large open environment, or smaller maps to truly devastate foes for those who¬†favor close combat. Choose between allegiances with Zeus or Ares; earning their favor will allow you to check out some of the customization options and upgrades. The Beta also provides the tutorial level to play around in. Not bad for a game not out until March.