Watch: Footage From Inside a 1982 Ms. Pac-Man Factory

As it’s been thirty years since Ms. Pac-Man was produced, it’s reached the status of people standing around wondering “I wonder where this came from”. Wonder no more, as four minutes of footage from inside the Bally/Midway factory was just discovered. Originally intended for use in a promotional video at a tech show, it’s completely raw and simply shows snippets of the process required for manufacturing an arcade machine.

The video features monitors being installed, cables being cut and spliced together, PCBs being soldered, testing the quarter mechs and plenty of playtesting (explaining why some Ms. Pac Man seemed to have arrived with an unobtainable high score…) One amazing thing about the video, besides the fact that something was being built in America, was how much of it was done by hand without an automated assembly line or machines.

Just another day of work at the ‘ol Pac-Man plant.