Hey, You’ve got your Mario in my Runner 2!

Have you ever wanted to hear the guy, who voices Mario, do voice work for games other than Mario? Well, here’s your chance! Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien not only has the most amazing subtitle ever, but is the follow-up to the 2010 WiiWare success, Bit.Trip Runner. Better yet, according to Gajin Games’ Alex Neuse, it will also feature the voice of Charles Martinet, who will narrate the trials and tribulations of your wild adventure. So you might ask, who is this Charles Martinet you speak of? Well, he’s only the man best known for his work as a little Gomba-trouncing plumber named Mario — you may have heard of him.

Neuse stated, “For the first time, we’re allowing the press to talk about his involvement in the game – if you want to. He does all the narration for all of the cutscenes and the advertisement in the beginning.”

I suspect we won’t hear the little Italian’s classic lines, but I’m okay with that so long as Martinet maintains his usual level of absurd awesomeness within the context of Runner 2’s fantastically strange setting.