DmC Complete Pack Available Through Steam

While you normally don’t associate the Devil May Cry franchise with the PC platform, Capcom is offering gamers a special deal if they’re looking to purchase Dante’s origin story in late January. Available through Steam today, the DmC Complete Pack bundles the only games in the series to hit (and soon to hit) the Windows PC platform at a $59.99 price point (a savings of $30 if you were to buy each title separately). This includes Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Devil May Cry 4, and the upcoming DmC Devil May Cry.

While Capcom can keep Devil May Cry 2 as a console exclusive, it would be nice to see a PC port of the first game down the line – especially now that they have an HD version already out on consoles. Regardless, if you haven’t played a Devil May Cry game yet, DMC3 is a good jumping off point as it’s arguably the best in the series. Along side the package, pre-purchasing DmC Devil May Cry through steam will net you a free costume pack for Dante, and possibly other characters as well. I can already hear PC gamers saying “will wait for the inevitable Steam sale,” but I do hope more people take advantage of this.