Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle Launched

Build a Bundle is back with the Greenlight bundle. It lets you choose from nine games, and once they get greenlit on Steam, free Steam keys will be thrown in. Until then, you can get Beware Planet Earth: Millenium: A New Hope, Recruits, Private Infiltrator, Wooden Sen’sey, Eryi’s Action, Salvation Prophecy, I Shall Remain, and Oozi: Earth Adventure. All of them activate on Desura now and include DRM-free downloads as well for as low as $1.50 and a recommended cost of $25.00. New bonuses will be unlocked for purchasers each day, including unannounced games, music, and comics. The first bonus announced is WVM’s “The End is Only the Beginning” EP, which will be unlocked when 1,500 bundles are sold.