PSN Holiday Essentials Sale Slashes Prices For Over 40 Games

Sony announced some incredible savings today. Starting tomorrow, there will be sales each week dropping the price of over 40 games. This week, Catherine will be on sale for less than $20 for PS+ members, while Dyad, Escape Plan, SF III: Third Strike Online and I am Alive drop to $7.25, RE 4 HD will be $9.80, LBP 2 will be free, while LBP Vita will be $ 17.49, Rayman Origins will be $9.80 on the PS3 and $14.70 on the Vita and Retro/Grade drops to $4.90.

The games will only be on sale for one week, so snatch them up ASAP if they interest you. Of the games available tomorrow on sale, Rayman Origins is a must on the PS3, although it’s harder to recommend paying more for the Vita version, it’s an awesome rendition of the game you can take on the go. Dyad’s a sleeper PSN game that is a must if you love Rez or really trippy games like N20 for the PSOne.