Skyjacker’s Second Kickstarter Lets You Tear Apart an Alien Fleet

Remember Skyjacker?  It had a Kickstarter that, sadly, didn’t quite make it despite an excellent demo (that’s still available) and a fairly good final funding tally.  That wasn’t the end of the project by a long shot, though, and the Skyjacker home page has been racking up reservations for the full game ever since.  In the meantime, development work is pricey and could use a bit of financial lubrication, and that’s where the new Kickstarter comes in.

Skyjacker: Starship Constructor is going to be a gaming widget designed to let you rip apart all the ships in the game module by module, and then put them together again afterwards.  Alternately, you can test-pilot them in an asteroid field to get a sense of handling while blowing apart any floating rocks that happen to wander by your gun sights.  If it makes the funding, which seems pretty likely based on the current haul after less than a week, there’s stretch goals ahead for mini-games like Asteroids, or adding a scrapyard to the free-flying section so you can blow apart all those ships you’ve been disassembling.

Now if that’s not enough, there’s two more things worth mentioning.  First, $5 gets you the whole thing, which isn’t a bad donation tier at all for such a neat little gaming toy.  Second, there’s a web browser demo available that lets you disassemble one of them.  It’s pretty bare-bones at the moment, more proof-of-concept than anything else, but it does show off some lovely detail inside the ship model.  Those details aren’t just for looks, by the way.  Targeting enemy ship systems in combat is going to be important in-game, so knowing where they are is going to make blowing the right pieces off that much easier.   Even at its most basic, though, Skyjacker: Starship Constructor should be a nifty look at the inner workings of a whole load of alien tech, like playing with models without gluing your fingers together.  It’s oddly fascinating to see how everything fits together, and I can’t wait to poke at the internal workings of some epic sized cruisers.