Sly Cooper Looks to Steal the Show

Sly made may have made in appearance in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but that was just a tease compared to what’s lurking around the corner. The smartest raccoon we know is back with his band of merry men. In the newest addition to the franchise, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time takes us on an exciting journey through history. This game takes place soon after the construction of a time machine from the previous installment. Sly travels to the past to recover missing pages to a book detailing his family’s secrets and meets some of his ancestors in the process.

Thieves in Time is filled with a  slew of playable characters, abilities, costumes and secrets — all kinds of stuff. Players are able to take control of every member of the Cooper Clan: Bentley, Murray, Carmelita and Sly’s relatives from the past. One of those older raccoons is Rioichi Cooper, a ninja from Feudal Japan who has the unique ability to leap further and cover greater distances than other characters. Another one of Sly’s ancestors is Tennessee Kid Cooper, a gun-slinging Westerner who can slide on rails with ease. Some new outfits include a suit of armor allowing Sly to reflect projectiles and an archery costume that allows you to shoot arrows with rope attached. Secret treasures found throughout the game can be sold for in-game money and other items found will give you those new upgrades.

Those with a PlayStation Vita will have the ability to unlock more hidden goodies. Since Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is a cross-buy title you can use the Vita as a pair of X-Ray goggles. This use of augmented reality is used by holding the Vita up to the screen, syncing images, then tapping the Vita to reveal treasures. Using this feature would be best with two people — one to hold the Vita and tap while the other player searches for each item throughout the level. Now, you don’t need to actually do any of that in order progress through the story, but it’s there for some extra fun. The PS3 version comes with a downloadable copy for the Vita absolutely free of charge.

Some of gamings biggest voice actors have a role in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Steve Blum, Nolan North and Grey DeLisle all lend their talents to some of the crew. This game has an array of playable characters, top notch talent, a great story concept and a free Vita version. What more could you want? We all know how fun previous Sly Cooper games are and this will be no different. Don’t expect Thieves in Time to stay hidden in the shadows of store shelves on February 5, 2013; this PlayStation platformer is primed to make its presence known.