Nintendo Suggests Opening and Updating Wii U Before Giving it as Gift

Christmas is going to be an annoying day for impatient gamers recieving a Wii U. Much like launch day buyers, anyone setting up a Wii U for the first time will be treated not to joys of the Yoshis and Pikmins of NintendoLand (or more accurately, console crashes when a Japanese character is displayed), but instead a few hours of updating — updating that will likely fail multiple times during the process. So what’s Nintendo’s suggestion to avoid the temper tantrums of kids (and likely adults) in their pajamas across the United States? Open it up and update it first.

That’s right, Nintendo is suggesting (or at least the bonehead who runs their Twitter) to actually open up the Wii U box, hook the console up, update it and then put it back in the box and wrap it. Who says it’s tacky to give a used item as a gift? While this might work if you’re giving the console to a clueless kid, it would be absolutely embarrassing if it were meant for anyone else. Even then, as talked about on our latest podcast, no matter how careful you are, it’s impossible to fit everything back in the box without it bulging from the sides after first unpacking a console. Imagine the face of someone who just got a Wii U with the top flap barely fitting into the box with a bunch of tape holding it on. Merry Christmas!

Of course the worst part of it all is that it’s presented as a serious suggestion, complete with the hilarious, if not almost annoying, “pro-tip” label. We can just imagine Nintendo’s next memo to retailers: “To avoid frustration, please open and update all Wii U consoles before stocking them on store shelves”.