Johnny Impossible Riffs on Metal Gear, Mega Man

After tackling Westerns and Kung fu, Johnny is back and this time, the mission is impossible. Well maybe not for Johnny, but the nefarious Mr. Wang will surely see his comeuppance in the latest in the UFO Interactive series, Johnny Impossible. The game is a 2D stealth-action platformer and features sneaking, grappling, crawling and clinging through hand-drawn levels. Gameplay is said to be a mix of Metal Gear and Mega Man gameplay, which makes sense given that it takes place in “Solid City” and the situation is a “Mega Crisis”.

Due out December 27th on the 3DS via the eShop for $5.99, only you can stop Mr. Wang and his super-laser satellite in space. Check out the debut trailer, which shows off gameplay, and a handful of screenshots below.