Watch: The Fascinating Story of the World’s First RAM Chip

It’s hard to deny how much we take processing technology for granted now. Instead of being happy with a retina screen, 64GB and tons of gizmos being crammed into a package weighing less than a few ounces, we demand more. Sometimes, it’s nice to get a reminder about how far we’ve truly come with technology. In a fantastic video uploaded by The Edison Tech Center, Dr Bernard Widrow, co-creator of the first Random Access Memory Plane with his colleagues at MIT, reflects on the creation of it along with other aspects of computer technology at the time, including how every computer was hand made and anecdotes about their purpose coming into question.

It’s incredible that one of the giant Memory Planes shown above was just about 4,000 bits (visible to the human eye) and they had to be stacked one on top of the other to reach the desired amount of memory. With today’s technology, you need a high powered microscope to even view a bit. Perhaps the most amazing thing was that this was just 60 years ago. Talk about rapid evolution.