Wii U Deluxe Easy to Find on Christmas Eve

It seems like just yesterday we were scrambling to get our hands on a Wii U. After being announced, the Deluxe model pre-orders sold out within a day and many were phoned by GameStop and told that even their Basic model wouldn’t be available until after launch. There were reports of people (average gamers, mind you, not the typical crazy person) camping out in front of a big box store overnight so they didn’t miss out on the hotly-anticipated console. Many expected it to be scalped on eBay and Craigslist for over $800. Launch day hit, however, and was met with a decided lack of excitement. Basics were easy to pick up anywhere and even a deluxe¬†could be found if one tried hard enough. Resellers prices stagnated and some were able to pick up the console on eBay at cost.

Many thought that the new console would receive a similar “must-have” Christmas gift status like the Wii, which was hard to find even a year after release. While I was at Wal Mart this morning to uh, do Walmart things, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled into the electronics department: a Wii U Deluxe model was just sitting on the shelf. On Christmas Eve. Stunned, I snapped a picture of it. After heading to Best Buy to actually buy things, however, is when things really got interesting. An entire stack of Wii U Deluxes just sitting in the middle of the store:

They weren’t just put out and there was no mad dash to get one. Just a bunch of Wii Us sitting there with no one to buy them. I reached out to other staff members and we decided to make the rounds to other stores in Arizona, California and New York (the things we do for readers) to see if the story was the same, and low and behold, it was. Out of 19 stores we visited in total, 16 had Wii U Deluxes in stock and every store had Wii U Basics. Now, it could be that Nintendo simply sent out huge shipments to supply the Christmas demand, but finding the Wii on Christmas Eve, or any day in December in 2006, was nearly impossible. If the Wii U demand was as great as other consoles at launch, seemingly no amount of units would satisfy the general public.

Whatever the reason, it’s certainly an interesting indication of what is to come for the console. Are you seeing Wii U Deluxe in stock on Christmas Eve? Share your story below.