Phantom Breaker is All About Cute, Chibi Brawling

Developer 5pb. has released new footage of Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, a beat-em-up scheduled for release on Xbox 360 in both Japan and the west in early 2013. The trailers below show off the game’s four-player co-op and aptly dubbed “battle ground” modes, and are just generally pretty phenomenal-looking. You may have heard the Phantom Breaker name once before, as a flashy 2D fighter bearing the title was planned to hit store shelves in North America a few months ago. For whatever reason that game didn’t come out, and seems to be stuck in game-release-purgatory, however 5pb has assured us that this spin-off title is definitely happening.

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds includes four playable characters and mechanics that seemingly mimic those of ’80s arcade gaming. Meaning to say, there’s a whole lot of side-scrolling brawling going on! As of now, the game doesn’t have a ton to offer in the way of English-speaking details, though the producer recently addressed this issue to clear up any confusion:

Nice to meet you friend!!
My name is Sakari.
I am producer of “Phantom Breaker:Battle Grounds”.

I would like to thank all the gamers of the world has focused on this game.
I am aware of the development”Phantom Breaker: Battle ground”
This is everyone favorite “Good old games in Japan.”
We are working hard so that it does not disappoint, please be patient until the release.

And this game is spin-off called “Phantom Breaker”
unfortunately this game was sale only part of in Asia and Japan market only.
However if you do not have play “Phantom Breaker”you can be enjoy this game
so do not warryabout this content!
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Sincerely yours:Sakari

Yes, we are fully aware that the translation above hardly makes sense, and is, for lack of a better phrase, hilariously broken — but that’s beside the point! All Sakari is saying is western gamers can expect to get their paws on Battle Grounds in the new year. With that being said, let’s focus on what matters, and that’s those lovely trailers. So, place those little peepers on the video montages below; you won’t be disappointed.