Music Recording for Soul Sacrifice

From one of the designers of Mega Man comes Soul Sacrifice. Keiji Inafune is the creator of this upcoming PlayStation Vita title and he’s not keeping the presentation small. With a storyline involving sorcery, demons and the sacrifice of body parts to perform devastating attacks, MIDI music simply won’t cut it. Even though this is a handheld game, the musical arrangements are spectacular. An entire orchestra is needed to accompany this epic adventure. It’s huge enough that the recording was done at Skywalker Sound, that’s where Star Wars is worked on!

Legendary composer and sound designer Yasunori Mitsuda has been tapped to develop the game’s scores. His work on Chrono Trigger, Kid Icarus: Uprising and numerous other projects deem him more than worthy to tackle this behemoth. Soul Sacrifice is set for release in Japan as early as March 7. It seems like many gamers are very interested in this, so hopefully it will make its debut in North America soon after. Enjoy this footage of behind the scenes recording and even some gameplay.