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Best New Character

Lee Everett
To be honest, it was hard deciding who was the best character from the Walking Dead episodic games. Clementine has grown a rabid fanbase because of her overall badass-ness and kawaii-ness, but if you think about it, she is just one of the many factors that make Lee the truly greatest character. He’s the guy who protects Clementine without a second thought (allowing gamers everywhere to live out the fantasy of being Clem’s personal bodyguard); he bravely leads a group through a zombie-ravaged world; defuses arguments between friends and helps them through difficult moments. All the while, he’s gaining acquittal points for his prior rash act of murder. Characters as deep as Lee are rare to find in games these days — he’s the obvious choice for our award this year.
(Far Cry 3)
Big Bo
(Binary Domain)
Handsome Jack
(Borderlands 2)
(Black Ops II)