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Best Racing Game

Forza: Horizon
Horizon changed the Forza series from being a menu-driven racer with a clinical feel to an open-world racer with a party vibe. While the dirt-filled, festival theme, and electronic soundtrack bear more than a striking resemblance to newer DiRT games, the racing helps set Horizon apart from it. Beyond the regular tight handling players have come to expect from Forza, Horizon brings night racing to the franchise for the first time. Regular races against cars are the norm, but new single events against things like hot air balloons and planes are available as well. The injection of purely fun things like that add a lot of life to the game, while the hunt for discounts will have you scouring the world for cheap upgrades — and along the way finding some rare cars that just need some love to be back in racing form again. There’s a lot to do in Forza Horizon and none of it ever feels needless. It’s the best and most accessible Forza yet and worth of being in the collection of any racing fan.
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