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Best Vita Game

Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush hit at a turbulent time for the PS Vita. The system had been out for a little while and didn’t have much in the way of must-haves even though its library was flush with good-to-great games. GR broke that trend by delivering an excellent platforming experience with combat mixed in and something that hadn’t been seen in many games — the ability to alter gravity at will. The complex level design forces you to master this skill, and the fun gameplay makes it a joy to do. Visually, it’s one of the most striking games on the system with its blend of comic styling and 3D art – resembling Crackdown, but with fewer drug lords and more cats. GR features impressive voice acting and a diverse soundtrack that hits every note from classical to jazz, with some rock added to the mix too. It’s the best overall showcase for the Vita’s hardware.
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