Check Out These Darling Metal Slug Capsule Figures

There aren’t enough Metal Slug figures. Sure, there’s some (yes, please), but there’s like a million Street Fighter figures and far too much Angry Birds everything. Something with the unique, hand-drawn art style of Metal Slug begs for collectibles, so it’s refreshing to see the latest line of collectible capsule toys from Takara Tomy are based on the beloved Neo Geo sidescroller.

Dubbed the “Metal Slug Neo Geo Mechanical Kit Collection”, there are five gashapon sets in all, including Marco Rossi, Super Vehicle 001 and a Metal Slug mini cartridge; Tarma Roving figure, SV 002 and MS2 min cart, Eri Kasamoto, MS Harrier VTOL jet and MSX mini cart, plus Fiolina Germi, Camel and MS3 mini cart. The fifth capsule may be the coolest, however, which is a tiny replica Neo Geo AES console and controller; if you haven’t guessed already, the cartridges from the other four sets fit inside it, allowing for hours of pretend Metal Slug action.

The complete set can be ordered from Shop NCSX for just $29.90 (plus shipping) and began shipping last week. The only drawback (and it’s a big one) is that all figures come disassembled and come in a fleshtone monochromatic plastic. In reality, they’re intended to be little models and be painted, but if you have the skill, look how awesome they can look:

Check out a pile of pictures over at NCSX.