8-bit Playing Cards Offered on Kickstarter

Poker is a fantastic card game that has one drawback: it isn’t nerdy enough. Sure, there are those who obsess about the game, whether online or off, coming up infinite strategies on how to win, but for the most part, the game conjures up images of James Bond or men getting away from their wives to play the game and drink some scotch and smoke a few stogies.

Those who wanted to play in between matches of Pac-Man while still seeing 8-bit pixelation have all but been left out until now. Michael Scott (no, not that Michael Scott) and artist Cobey Pile have partnered up to make a line of video game inspired playing cards. Instead of being a low-quality silly novelty item, however, the cards will be printed through the U.S. Playing Card Company and branded with the famous “Bicycle” brand name.

The Kickstarter, currently sitting at $40,953 from an original goal of $7,500, has been going for a month now and ends tommorow. There are far too many card options available to list here, but at the very least, $6 will snag a deck of the cards plus bonuses for well-exceeding the goal including a free metal arcade game token, a full game sleeve, a poker chip and a pair of 8-bit dice.

A notable reward, however, is the awesome looking Nintendo-themed playing card box that has room for two decks and 250 chips seen below. The box can be had for $150 by itself, or $365 with the chips. Expensive, but imagine how much your gamer friends who have never played poker will want to use it. The resulting winnings should more than pay for it.

Head over to the Kickstarter to pledge before it’s too late.