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Best Nintendo 3DS Game

Resident Evil Revelations
Believe it or not, there actually was a good Resident Evil game in 2012, and even more strangely, it was the handheld one. The 3D handheld one. While the survival horror series got off to a rocky start on the 3DS, Revelations corrected it with a classic Resident Evil experience — meaning it was actually scary. Taking place on perhaps the most perfect setting for terror ever, an abandoned ship, players took on the role of Jill Valentine as she investigated the creaky corridors and blood-soaked decks of the Queen Zenobia. Not only was the gameplay (especially with the ever-cumbersome Controller Pad Pro) and atmosphere rock solid, but there was even an intriguing story in play written by the always-great Dai Satō. As far as console-quality games on the Nintendo handheld go, there weren’t many better options than Revelations in 2012.
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