Fez Headed to Other Platforms in 2013

Being as it’s New Year’s Eve, a day of self-reflection for many, Polytron head Phil Fish posted a stream of musings on the official Polytron website. While it’s often interestingly self-reflective (such as calling himself an ***hole and racist), there is a juicy nugget of information hidden inside it. In 2013, Fez will “finally” be ported to other platforms.

Apparently spurred from fan outcry, Fish has realized his mistake of keeping the popular game an Xbox 360 exclusive. What platforms it will appear on remain a mystery, but Steam and Wii U seem like a perfect fit.

In other Polytron news, Fish has announced that an “exciting” soundtrack is in the works, Polytron may open a US branch and a couple of new games are in the pipeline.

Not bad for a game named after a hat.