Happy 30th Birthday, Q*bert!

It may be hard to fathom, but 30 years ago this day Q*bert launched in arcades (and laundromats, convenience stores and finer pizza parlors) across America. Developed by Atari and published by Gottlieb, Q*bert was well-recieved by gamers and the few video game critics at the time as an addictive (after all, Q*bert does eat quarters) arcade title that provided hours of unique gameplay. The offbeat humor and adorable characters led to toys, board games, cartoons and books, cementing the orange fuzz ball as a bonafide video game icon. While Q*bert received a glut of ports and multiple sequels and spin-offs, nothing ever came close to matching the inherent simplistic bliss of its origin.

Q*bert recieved a bump in notariety recently, with characters from the game featured in the Disney film Wreck-it-Wralph and accompanying promotional materials, leading us to beleive we haven’t heard the last from the potty mouth.

So, happy 30th birthday, Q*bert! You look great for your…wait what are you, anyways?