Neo Geo X Hacked to Run King of Fighters ’97

Well, that didn’t take long. Even though the Neo Geo X was just released a few weeks ago, hackers have already found ways to run Unibios and unofficial Roms on the fledgling handheld console. While a previous mod allowed for ROMS to work by renaming them as one of the pre-loaded games, a user by the name ¬†of “Steward” has hacked the console to run King of Fighters ’97 (and we assume other games) via the SD slot. This likely means that the SD slot can be utilized to run multiple games, which is a must for realistically loading them on the thing.

Check out a video of it running on a Neo Geo X below. We in no way condone this, as we hope that Tommo releases official Neo Geo X games, so we won’t post on how it works, but check out Steward’s site for some more information.