Newly-Discovered Faceball to Get Virtual Boy Release in 2013

Remember Faceball? It was that first person shooter based on MIDI Maze where players shot gigantic globular smiley faces (think Walmart antenna toppers) as they navigated through mazes. The game was a bit of a sleeper hit back in the ’90s, with Faceball 2000 making an appearance on the Game Boy, SNES and Game Gear (in Japan). A Virtual Boy game was in development, but due to the console’s quick demise, was never released. That version has long been rumored to exist but has never surfaced — until now.

A few months ago, someone by the name of Mr G had announced that they had come in possession of the Virtual Boy version of Faceball and quickly began divulging information and screenshots about the release. While a fantastic discovery, many of this type simply end up in private collections, never to be played by fans of the game or console. Determined to have the game see the light of day, however, user Bigmak (Eric) decided to purchase the game and is planning to release it to the public.

The release will be rolled out with limited edition carts made available for sale to help finance the (reportedly expensive) acquisition of the title. After units are exhausted, however, Eric will make the ROM available absolutely free. It’s an awesome move for something that would be worth exponentially more if it were to stay in private hands and very exciting that those of us still in possession of Virtual Boys will have a new game to play in 2013.

Just remember: if your friend has bloodshot eyes, he’s not on drugs — he’s on Faceball.