Hotline Miami “Free” On Amazon

Apprehensive about throwing the adjective around as we are, Hotline Miami is an awesome game. It seemingly came out of nowhere and entranced gamers with its addicve gameplay, superb soundtrack and trippy visuals and storytelling. As the game is making its victory lap, winning multiple 2012 awards including our PC Game of the Year, Amazon has discounted the game to just $4.99. If that weren’t enough to make it a must-buy (and it really should be), the game can now be had for free for those who purchased any digital game from Amazon in December or November.

If that sounds like you, scour your inbox, as you likely have received one or multiple codes. Simply head over here to add it to your cart, enter the code at checkout and get ready to never look at letterman jackets and baseball bats the same way again.

The deal goes on until January 31, 2013, but it’s likely that Amazon will soon catch on and raise the price or change code stipulations — so act fast.