Steam’s Holiday Sale Brings Major Tomb Raider and Star Wars Savings

If you’re jonesing for some Lara Croft-related action, Steam’s got the bargain for you. $15 gets you nine entries in the series, but if you only want a few of them, they can be snagged for $2.50 each, with the bundle saving $7. Although technically not a “Tomb Raider” game, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light strangely isn’t on sale.

Other daily deals of note include each Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game being $2.50 each and Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (and you will many, many times) Edition dropping to $20 from $40. Anyone remotely interested in KOTOR should snag this deal since it’ll probably never be cheaper and mods allow it to look quite a bit better than the Xbox versions. Dark Souls’ port has received mixed reviews, but this version includes new NPCs, bosses, and an extra story chapter, so it might be worth picking up if you’re craving more beatings.