THQ Delisted from NASDAQ

After predicting anything but was possible, THQ has been delisted from the NASDAQ stock exchange. After trading at $8.59 just a year ago, THQ stock is now at $0.22, which comes after a 5:1 stock split that increased the stock price 500% earlier in 2012. The news was inevitable since said split, with THQ simply treading water until the curtain closed. The delisting was triggered by the stock slipping under a dollar for more than ten days, which in itself was trigged by the acquisition of assets by Clearlake Capital Group and the filing of chapter 11 bankruptcy.

THQ is now listed on the OTC (over-the-counter) market, which is a generic trading platform that bankrupt or (occasionaly) foreign┬ácompanies trade on. Known as the “grey market” of trading, THQ (now trading under THQIQ) will be relegated to a penny stock until the bankruptcy deal is approved, at which point the company will be privately owned.