Tomb Raider Multiplayer Detailed: Includes Team Deathmatch, But Not Lara

This month’s issue of Official Xbox Magazine has been hotly anticipated, as it contains the first ever details of the Tomb Raider reboot’s online multiplayer. While multiplayer is often not cover-worthy material, this has garnered more interest than usual, as it not only marks the series debut of the competitive version of the mode, but also sparked controversy with development shifting from Crystal Dynamics to Eidos Montreal. With the issue starting to trickle into newstands and subscriber’s mailboxes, we can now present a summary of OXM’s excellent spread thanks in part to a Tomb Raider forum poster who has divulged some of the first details.

The most notable news is that Team Deathmatch will be included, where a team of Lara’s allies will face off against a group of hostile natives dubbed the “scavengers”, and alternate between sides in the best of three matches. The maps are said to not be very open, but include unique elements like destroyable bridges, lever-based traps (including spike-firing walls) and weaponry to snatch like bow and arrows.

The second game mode is called “Rescue”, where med-packs must be delivered by survivors to various destinations as scavengers attempt to eliminate them. Downed survivors will have a bleed-out time that can be cut short with a “brutal” melee finisher, but it’s unclear if those bleeding-out can be brought back. How many modes there’ll be in total is unknown, but another one that will be included is dubbed “Cry for Help”, and while yet to be detailed, is said to place more emphasis on discovery and adventure like the campaign.

Besides detailing the main modes, it was said that gained XP can be used to boost stats and buy more characters, Lara will not make an appearance, the same character models can be teammates and at least one of the maps is called “Wind Chasm” and is set in a tropical environment.

To read more on the multiplayer, make sure to pick up the latest issue of OXM which contains the above information and more.