Crimson Dragon Demo Leaked, yanked quickly by Microsoft

If you grew up playing games in the 90s, the name “Panzer Dragoon” probably means something to you. If you’re like us, it means the world. Crimson Dragon is the much anticipated spiritual successor to the beloved Panzer Dragoon series thanks to its aesthetics, on-rails shooting mechanics and returning team members who worked on the original PD games back in the Saturn’s heyday. The problem with Crimson Dragon however, is that it was supposed to come out last summer, and, well, never did. Since then, we haven’t heard a word about the game.

Many thought the project to be dead, others thought it was delayed in order to input controller support, since it was touted as a Kinect-exclusive title. Fortunately, the silence has been broken due to the game inadvertently popping up on the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace yesterday. Though Microsoft quickly pulled the demo, they didn’t get to it fast enough, as a crafty gamer captured his brief play time with the title. Check it out below.