Demon’s Souls Heads to PSN

If there’s one game I would highly recommend Playstation 3 owners purchase, it would be Demon’s Souls. Published by Atlus after SCEA turned it down, Demon’s Souls obtained an instant cult following for its difficult, but rewarding gameplay mechanics – even spawning a spiritual successor. Constant rolling for lighter characters or always holding up a shield for heavier builds, this was one game where you couldn’t rush into things. Anyone having a difficult time finding the game in stores or just can’t stand plastic casings on their shelves will be happy to know Atlus will be making the game available digitally.

Next week starting on the 8th of January, Demon’s Souls will be made available to everyone for the low price of $19.99 and will come with an instant Pure White world tendency for a week, making the game a littleĀ easierĀ for newcomers to jump in. Grit your teeth and pray you’ll make it through the adventure with less than a hundred deaths.