Electronic Arts Dropping Online Support for Some Titles

With constant company closures and game cancellations in the news, this may not even phase some, but players of FIFA 11 and NBA Jam, among others, will feel the sting. The company released a statement explaining their decision to ditch some of their online games. Part of the letter reads, “…as games get replaced with newer titles, the number of players still enjoying the older games dwindles…”, meaning the amount of people playing some games have been so low it would not benefit EA to run the support. Those dependent on servers to enjoy their games will have to find something else to do with their time. This news comes on the heels of tons of other games getting the axe all throughout 2012. All affected games and scheduled shutdown dates are listed below — hopefully yours didn’t make the cut.

January 3: FIFA Manager 11 (PC)

January 11: FIFA Soccer 11 (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360), FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team (PS3, Xbox 360), Madden NFL 11 (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360), Madden NFL 11 Ultimate Team (Xbox 360, PS3), NBA Jam (Xbox 360, PS3), NBA Live 10 (PS3, Xbox 360), NCAA Football 11 (Xbox 360, PS3), NHL 11 (PS3, Xbox 360), NHL Ultimate Team (PS3, Xbox 360)

January 14: The Sims 2 (PC, Mac, TheSims2.com)

January 19: Trenches II (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)