Final Fantasy XI Gets Fancy Bundle for New Expansion

It’s never too late to jump on the Final Fantasy XI bandwagon. Sure, the game has been out for a decade, but time hasn’t taken the wind out of its sails yet. This is cemented by the fact that the title will see its fifth full expansion, entitled Seeks of Adoulin, in just a few months time. To appease their dedicated fans, Square-Enix is releasing all of the games expansions, including Adoulin, in one bundle called Final Fantasy XI: Vana’diel Collection 4.

Despite the super slick packaging, and downright gorgeous Yoshitaka Amano artwork, the compilation will include a few bonus items including The Destrier Beret and a virtual Chocobo t-shirt. The latter needs no explanation, however the first should be appealing to those who play the game, or will be playing the game come expansion-time. In essence, it’s a cap that grants players, below level 30, faster movement speed, Regen, Refresh, auto-reraise and, as the cherry on top, the acquisition of skill points more quickly. Impressive to say the least. That should cut down on the leveling time significantly, making XI an even more accessible game than it’s already become over the past few years.

But wait, if you call in the next sixty seconds there’s more: those who purchase the collection directly from Square-Enix’s online store will receive a special CD with their order. As of now, details have not been revealed about the contents of this CD, but count on an OST arrangement, or something to that effect.

Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin is the game’s first expansion in over five years and will include new areas, quests and jobs. It is currently slated for a worldwide release on March 27. In Japan, Vana’diel Collection 4 is scheduled for release on the same day. No word yet on whether or not the bundle will see the light of day outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, but knowing Square’s track record with Final Fantasy XI and all its collections, don’t be surprised if you see some version of it nestle down on your local game store’s shelves.