Nintendo Teases “Big” Pokémon News on January 8th

Tuesday, January 8th: boring, monotmous, break my heart, not quite hump day…and Anarchy Reigns. Besides that whole Platninum Games online beat ’em up thing, there wasn’t much to look forward to next Tuesday until Nintendo dropped a pre-bombshell, or bombshell shell, if you will: big Pokémon news will be revealed that day, as stated on the official Twitter:

Sometimes news teases amount to a 007 Legends announcement, but the fact that “big” was the adjective used and the tweet came from an account that doesn’t tend to tease things and isn’t inundated with nonsense is intriguing. Could this be the 3DS announcement we’ve all been waiting for? DLC for Black & White 2? Perhaps they will finally remove Electrode of his Pokémon status and admit he’s a Pokéball. It’s all speculation at this point, but one thing is for sure: we’re going to be reloading like it’s 1997 on Tuesday.