Code of Princess Exclusive to eShop in Europe

Poor Europe. It’s been a while since Code of Princess came out in other parts of the globe (April 19th in Japan and October 9th in North America), but the game has yet to see a release in their neck of the woods. Finally some good news coming, however, with it receiving classification from the German rating board and AGATSUMA confirming its release — in digital form.

Yes, we will be releasing the title as OUR title through Nintendo eShop ONLY.
We are still working on. So, please be patient. Thank you very much for your interest, again!

Good news for those finally wanting to experience the wacky game, but bad news for those who prefer retail editions — which is most of the JRPG fanbase outside of Japan. Still, at least it’s coming out and hopefully won’t be overpriced like other Euro eShop releases.

For those stateside wanting to experience the code (or the princess), the game was just released in the eShop on January 3rd.

Source: Wiitalia