Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Goes into Beta

Final Fantasy XIV was a surprisingly disappointing experience, especially considering how enjoyable XI was, so Square Enix is hoping to prove to their fanbase they still got it with A Realm Reborn. It was announced way back in late 2011 that due to negative fan reaction, the team at Square Enix was rebuilding the game from the ground up, even going as far to create an extended storyline by completely restarting the world through a global extermination.

I think it’s safe to say that people should proceed with caution when approaching XIV’s revamp, but Square Enix is definitely trying to create the best MMO possible and is listening to player feedback. With that, a closed beta is taking place at, offering a lucky few PC gamers, and even Playstation 3 owners, a chance to play the game early. Along with that, the opening cinematic to the game has been published and is another beautifully rendered CG video.