SDA Charity Marathon 2013: The Final Boss is Cancer

Did your parents ever tell you that playing games too frequently would harm your eyesight?  Well, what if you told them that playing games could help fight cancer?

…they’d need to see the preliminary data and clinical trials performed with a double blind test?

Wow.  Tough imaginary parents.


Regardless, the fact is that Speed Demos Archive, which is pretty much the authority on video game speedruns, is holding one of their annual charity marathons.  This entire week (1/6 – 1/12) they will be hosting a non-stop smorgasbord of speedruns for a wide variety of games and accepting donations for a great cause.  Proceeds will be going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and 100% of all money donated will be going directly to the charity itself (with none skimmed off the top to help pay for the surgical reconstruction of the participants’ thumbs).  A full schedule of the games being played can be found here.

Watching the speedruns is completely free (check it out here), but if you feel like being particularly heroic, you can follow the simple instructions outlined right below the video and give some money to help fund research fighting cancer.  It pretty much qualifies you as a bona fide superhero without the unnecessary exposure to gamma radiation. In fact, I’m pretty sure unnecessary gamma radiation probably tops the list of things the Prevent Cancer Foundation wants you to avoid.

If this wasn’t enough, they’ve also gone and incentivized donations.  Donating enough towards specific speedruns enters you in a raffle for a variety of prizes, varying from games to plushies to artwork. And specific games (indicated on the schedule) have conditions you can donate towards that will alter the parameters the speedrunner will play under.  It really just provides even extra incentive to donate to a great cause.

So watch games. Fight cancer. Get cool stuff.  Or don’t and let the cancer win.